Third party logistics


As companies grow they encounter many challenges associated with an increased customer base, new locations, updated manufacturing methods, and other factors. For some companies, meeting these challenges with investment in capital and overhead is ultimately not the most financially viable option. Many times, it’s a better choice for these companies to look outside their walls to third-party service providers to deliver the enhanced functions that they need to continue growing. Logistics is certainly one of those functions that can benefit greatly from choosing the right third-party partner. This is where 3PL comes in to play.

What is 3PL?

3PL, or third-party logistics, is essentially a variety of services and processes that are provided to a business by an external company for a variety of reasons such as wanting to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and expand capabilities. 3PL services are usually flexible and scalable based on the needs of the business, meaning that they can be utilized on an as-needed basis, or as a long-term solution depending on the goals and objectives of the business.

Why Choose 3PL With Perfumes Etc. Ltd?

There are many reasons why companies choose to go the 3PL service route. Often, as a company grows, the need for warehouse space increases beyond that business’ ability to manage it. 3PL warehousing can be a good option for companies facing storage capacity issues. Other companies may be challenged with increasing transportation costs and investment in equipment and vehicles. The large fleets of modern vehicles and equipment that are available through 3PL providers are often a much more cost-effective solution. Then there are businesses like Perfumes Etc Ltd looking to expand into the Canada – a good 3PL will have the depth of experience to help solve many logistics challenges involved with these scenarios.

Other reasons why companies may choose to partner with a 3PL include challenges with customer service, order fulfilment, returns, order tracking, technical services, inventory management, and more. As you can expect, the more of these struggles that a company faces as they grow, the more value a 3PL partner can provide.

Benefits of 3PL with Perfumes etc. ltd

We can deliver a great deal of value to companies that are dealing with the challenges associated with rapid growth or changing market conditions. Here are some of the main benefits that can be realized by utilizing 3PL logistics.

Cost Savings

We have vast networks of resources across the country, and the globe. This includes warehousing space, trucking and transportation fleets, human resources, and technology that your company can take advantage of without the necessary massive investment in overhead and capital setting this all up on your own would require. This level of flexibility adds up to significant cost savings which have a big impact on the bottom line.


The level of service you obtain from us is entirely up to you, and can be adjusted to accommodate different levels of business due to seasonal or cyclical demands. For example, if your company sees a big surge in orders every year for the holidays, We can scale up services and labor accordingly to meet high demand needs, and then go back to normal levels once the surge subsides efficiency

In addition to the savings in capital costs, many companies see a significant savings in time through our 3PL services. This can take the form of lower cost per unit shipped, faster transportation and reduced delivery times, and in the ability for the whole organization to devote more time to its core specialties, including product development, customer service, sales & lead generation, or market growth.

Improved efficiency means greater return on your investment.

Customer Experience

In addition to business-side benefits, there are many customer-facing benefits to 3PL services. Companies can expect to achieve faster and more reliable delivery times, improved tracking and order status communication, reduced chance of damage or incorrect product packing, and more. All these benefits make a big difference in overall customer satisfaction and retention, while improving the average lifetime value of customers and your brand image.